Is The Only Way To Reach God Through Jesus Christ?

The purpose is served, if we are able to reach our goal. Speak of Jesus Christ, Mahavira, Gautama Buddha or Prophet Mohammed… all reached the goal they had established in their own life. The purpose of all (including Jesus Christ) was the same… only the paths were different.

All four of them succeeded in their own life. If Jesus were to state that God can be reached simply through him (he is correct) for any enlightened Soul can guide the mankind to its logistical end.

Life was made like that by God the Almighty. The Jesus Christ continues to be considered in Christianity as the son of God the Almighty. JesusChrist’s teachings can additionally not be considered erroneous but there is all possibility that the interpretation of the teachings of Christ may have been mistakenly monitored by men and women with vested interests.

Such interpretations that are erroneous exist in every religion or Dharma. The society at present thinks and interprets everything in regard to materialistic increases. How can afterward be the teachings of Jesus Christ remain untouched by impurities?

The so called statement by Jesus Christ that you can reach god only through him is a misnomer. No enlightened Soul can utter such words. It’s an entire disregard of Christ’s teachings. It is upon the mass generally to evaluate whom to trust in the present materialistic trend existing. A blind faith can totally misguide the mankind towards a disastrous end.

While the interpretation of the teachings of Jesus Christ carry absolute weight age for most Catholics across the world but it need not be the absolute truth as was dispensed and monitored by Jesus Christ himself. The Vatican interpretations may be based on basis that was certainly wrong.

I’d like to give an example-

The poor John Pope Paul neglected to understand the fundamental building block of the whole Cosmos is atoms and molecules. God the Almighty cannot have existence in the shape of a human being… it must be a source of energy… the might of which can’t be perceived together with the constraints of the senses as well as the mind.

What exactly does this prove…? Does this affirm the blind faith of the masses? This type of blind faith is completely wrong for it leads the society towards decisions that are erroneous! If Jesus Christ had been alive today… he’d have outright rejected the activities of the Vatican.

We’re intelligent human beings and we must introspect upon everything said or interpreted to us. We have science to support us whenever the need arises. It really is a different matter that everything in the field of spirituality can’t be interpreted in the religious area in regard to science for most things are taken care of by faith alone (faith in system and the existence of God). I again confirm that it’s just the complete faith in the system of God that could lead us towards the eternal light… nothing else!

Whatever Jesus might have said at any given period of life might have been certainly correct… only the interpretations of his sayings and teachings will likely be interpreted erroneously based on the vested interests many people own. Furthermore, in order to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ one need not become a Christian. Similarly as to follow the dictates one need not be a Hindu. All teachings are required to be followed in the proper heart.

Every enlightened teacher like Jesus Christ would constantly wish to highlight that it’s in the interest of the masses that their teachings be followed in the right nature for one (JesusChrist) who has already covered the journey knows the course! It was up to Swami Vivekananda entirely whether to follow the teachings to be able to realize God in his life.

Whether we follow the teachings or Gautama Buddha is immaterial. The journey of life of a human being’s sole purpose is always accomplishing the journey’s end and this goal can be achieved by following the dictates of an enlightened master alone. It is extremely important! The fact written in the Bible that “God can only be accomplished through Jesus Christ” supports this.